On August 1, 1876, U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant signed a proclamation admitting Colorado as the 38th state to the Union.  Almost 150 years later, State 38 Distilling was established to celebrate the western beauty that is Colorado by hand crafting small batch spirits using only organic or locally sourced ingredients with crisp rocky mountain water, forging quality spirits by getting back to basics.



 We ONLY use 100% Organic Raw Weber Blue Agave as a base for our five agave spirits. Each batch is fermented in small 250 gallon tanks using crisp Colorado Rocky Mountain Water. After fermentation, the Agave mash is distilled through custom copper stills designed specifically by Owner/Master Distiller Sean Smiley for State 38 and fabricated in Denver by the incredibly talented group at Mountain Man Welding and Fabrication.When distillation is completed, the high proof alcohol is blended with reverse osmosis filtered water and either bottled immediately after to make our Agave Blanco, or redistilled and carbon filtered to create our clean, fresh, World’s only agave based Vodka.

If barrel aged spirits is your thing (it certainly is ours), our World’s only barrel-reserved Gin goes through another distillation process using only handpicked Colorado juniper berries and a special mix of organic spices, then barrel aged in charred North American White Oak Barrels and allowed to age 1 month to make an intensely crisp, spicy and outrageously flavorful spirit.  Last, but certainly not least,  we also take our Agave Blanco and fill it into new heavy charred North American white oak barrels where the agave spirit will age and become Agave Reposado (aged 2 months) or the only Anejo made from scratch in the United States, our Agave Anejo (aged 12 months).

INTRODUCING –  Loveday bourbon whiskey and McKenzie Scottish peat smoked whisky – truly Colorado-made small batch whisk(e)y spirits!

Loveday bourbon whiskey uses specialty malt grains to create a smooth chocolate and coffee finish to the bourbon, complementing its mellow oak noise and sweet caramel front. McKenzie Scottish peat smoked whisky uses grains originally sourced from Scotland with real Scottish peat smoked malted barley, creating a soft oak nose with a vibrant peat smoke front and rich chocolate finish.

We are honored to share our spirits (and thoughts) with you and love hearing feedback from you on our Facebook and other social media outlets, or stop by State 38 Distilling and try out our spirits for yourself at our tasting room.