Calling All Apple Donations! We are ready to produce Batch 2 of the only 100% Colorado Donated Apple Brandy. whippletree6 copy

Apple season is here and once again, the community is facing an over-abundance of fruit falling from their trees. Rather than throwing out the excess apples or letting them sit and rot, we are asking members of the community to donate as many bags of excess fruit as you are able to.

Two years ago, Coloradoans had so much fruit falling from their trees that they were picking them up, placing them in trash bags and hauling them to the corner for garbage pick-up. We can only imagine the thousands of apples, pears, peaches, plums and other delicious fruit that was wasted.  So, when we asked the community to drop off their leftover fruit at the distillery to be made into Colorado’s first all-donated fruit brandy, we were expecting maybe a few garbage bags would arrive and a few bottles would result. Well…the response was a wee bit larger than we expected and the first batch of Whippletree Apple Brandy was such a huge success that we are elated to do it again!

As a result of this overwhelming response just a couple years ago,we had to custom-build a fruit grinder and press to extract that wonderful sugary fruit juice, which was then boiled, fermented, distilled and aged in new French oak for one year.

With fruit once again in bloom, the time has come yet again to ask the community for their leftover fruit from their trees for round two of Colorado’s only all-donated fruit brandy.

We previously offered $5 off a bottle purchase in exchange for a bag of donated fruit. This year, we are doubling that to $10 off your next bottle purchase from the distillery when you donate!


  • Drop off will be located at the back of the distillery. If you would like to come in from the front, let us know you have fruit to donate and we will help you carry the bags in.
  • ALL fruit is welcome, except crab apples.  The more the merrier.  Don’t think for a second “this is too much for them to take in.”  Also, damaged/bruised fruit is VERY much welcomed.  We boil the fruit juice after pressing to kill off any bacteria before fermentation.
  • If you have fruit that has worms or other insects that have entered the fruit, we would appreciate not receiving this fruit, purely for the gross factor.

Please tell your friends, family and neighbors about what we are doing and help spread the word as much as possible.  Don’t let that wonderful fruit go to waste! If you have any questions, please email